Truth in Housing

The Kirwin Group is licensed to perform Truth-in-Housing inspections throughout the state of Minnesota. Truth-in-Housing inspections are meant to inform the buyer and seller of a home, prior to the sale, of any major structural defects or hazards to the health and safety of the occupants.

Truth-in-Housing inspections often identify repairs that are required based on city ordinance. When we perform your Truth-in-Housing inspection, we will show you what items are “required repairs.” If you choose to make the repairs, we will come back at a later date to re-inspect the repairs. Or, if you decide to simply sell the home as-is, you are done. We will then file the report with the city, and the buyers will be required to make the repairs after they are in the home.

The Truth-in-Housing inspection process and requirements vary for each locality. For a brief overview of Truth-in-Housing inspection requirements in our area, see below.


Sellers of single- and two-family dwellings and townhouses in the City of Minneapolis must provide either a Truth-in-Housing Disclosure Report or a Certificate of Code Compliance to the purchaser prior to time of signing a purchase agreement. Sales of condos and new units are exempt. The Disclosure Report must be prepared by a certified Truth-in-Housing evaluator, generally hired by the seller.

Minneapolis ordinance requires the repair or replacement of certain items declared as health or safety hazards by the Truth-in-Housing evaluator.

The Disclosure Report, the Certificate of Code Compliance, or the orders resulting from a code compliance inspection must be available for inspection at the premises at all times when the dwelling is being offered for sale. A new Disclosure Report, Certificate, or orders resulting from a code compliance inspection are required for each change of ownership at the time of sale.

More information is available on the City of Minneapolis Truth-in-Housing website.

St. Paul

In St. Paul, single- and two-family dwellings, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops require a Truth-In-Sale of Housing Disclosure Report whenever there is an intended change in ownership. A Truth-in-Sale of Housing evaluation must be completed within three (3) calendar days of a dwelling being offered, listed or posted for sale.

The Disclosure Report may only be compiled by an independent evaluator who is tested and licensed by the City. The Disclosure Report is valid for one (1) year from the date on the report and is only valid for the owner named on the report. Prospective buyers may also seek addition opinions from various experts in the inspections field prior to purchase.

Failure to obtain a Disclosure Report before marketing a house for sale, or failure to make the Disclosure Report available to prospective buyers, is a violation of law and is punishable as a misdemeanor carrying up to 90 days in jail and/or a $700.00 fine.

More information is available on the City of St. Paul Truth-in-Housing website.


Bloomington requires a Time-of-Sale Inspection and Evaluation Report for all single- and two-family dwellings, condominiums, townhouses and mobile homes offered for sale. The property must be inspected and the report must be completed prior to offering the property for sale.

The Evaluation Report must be available for review by potential purchasers at all times when the property is offered for sale. The seller can choose either a licensed independent contractor or the City’s Building and Inspection Division staff.

Bloomington requires repairs to be made only for those items which pose an immediate hazard to the occupants of the structure. Other deficiencies will be noted in the Evaluation Report, but they do not require correction. Hazardous conditions must be corrected and approved by the city before the dwelling can be occupied.

More information is available on the City of Bloomington Time-of-Sale Housing Inspection Program website.


Maplewood requires a Truth-In-Sale of Housing inspection before any single-family, duplexes, apartments, condominiums, townhouses and mobile homes can be listed or shown.

After the inspection is complete, the owner must display the report and make the report available on site to prospective buyers. A copy of the disclosure report must also be issued to the buyer before the execution of a sale agreement. A Truth-In-Sale of Housing Disclosure Report is only valid for 1 owner or for 1 year.

More information is available on the City of Maplewood Truth-in-Housing website.